Youth Program Development

With SEGO Initiative, the goal is to develop the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project youth programme. The idea is to give students from international and local schools the chance to do something good together. We are currently seeking corporate partners and sponsors for that.

Interview with a  teacher Sakuragoka HIgh School April 2015:

1. When did you start participating in the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project?
We planned to go two years ago, but it was rained out.  We went last year for the first time.

2. What kind of students usually participate? ( Age? Club?)
English club students in all grades.  Ages 16-18.

3. What is your and their impression of the activity?
We could meet a lot of foreign and Japanese people.  We enjoyed doing volunteer work with them.  We enjoyed eating French food.

4. How does this kind of activity benefit you?
We can offer our students a chance to broaden their horizons through working together with students from other schools or participants from other countries.

5. How does this kind of activity benefit the students?
Students can become more comfortable interacting with foreign people and they can have a chance to practice English. They can also learn the importance of doing volunteer work.

6. What else would you and the students like to do in this kind of activity?
If possible, if would be nice to make mixed groups of foreign people and Japanese people. That would give people more chances to communicate and make new friends.

Tokyo International University April 2015

Description of our group:
Our group is made up of students and faculty from Tokyo International University. Our group is comprised of students and teachers from all around the world with the majority being from Japan. The main interest of our group is to serve the community and make a positive impact on those around us.

Why is this beneficial to us?
This project is beneficial to us because it matches the three core goals of our program.
1. Raise awareness of how service learning can provide an educational and mutually beneficial experience for our community and us
2. To help the needs of the community and interested organizations
3. Foster the development of personal growth and the importance of teamwork

In addition, a majority of our students are studying English and are interested in becoming more involved in the community as well as getting the opportunity to meet people from around the world. We feel earth day is a very important day and we recognize the importance of keeping our beaches clean. We are excited to work with other dedicated citizens to enhance our educational experiences and improve the wellness of the Japanese community.