Three in One sponsorship packages

Three in One sponsorship packages are now available for 2016 programs and projects

1.Japan International Boat Show

( To introduce the Sailing for Good Mate Program - Enjoy Sailing and sailing dinghy)

At the Japan International Boat Show in March 2016, we will be introducing the Good Mate program and Tiwal 3.2 sailing dinghy. The Boat show attracts 40,000 visitors annually and there is a media only designated day. Tiwal 3.2 has won two design awards so far- a Sailing World Boat of the Year Award for Best Innovation in 2014, Red Dot Boat Design Award 2014. Supporters can have their logos visible during the exhibition.

2.Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project

( Spring and Fall beach cleanups)

The Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project continues in Spring and Fall 2016 with teams from diverse companies. The Project is part of Ocean Conservancy’s global International Coastal Cleanup Campaign, and our cleanups are included in surveys on the state of the world’s marine ecosystems. Supporters can have their staff participate and/or their logos visible during the beach cleanup.

3.Sailing for Good Mate-Enjoy Sailing

Sailing for Good Mate is an Ocean Conservancy program involving ocean and marina cleanups as well as public education on “green” boating. Timely and ideally located in Enoshima- the Olympic Sailing venue, the program includes a fleet of Tiwal 3.2 sailboats (dinghies). Supporters can have their logos visible on sails.

The Japan International Boat Show receives over 40,000 visitors with a dedicated day for media. Sailing for Good Mate and Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project offer a strong match with corporate values like teamwork, partnership, professionalism, leadership, and commitment. They also offer media coverage and hospitality opportunities. These programs as well as the other SEGO projects go well with corporate event sponsorships, marketing programs and with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Enoshima (Shonan) area regularly attracts more than 35 million tourists annually. And during the Olympics, there will be even more opportunities for media exposure.