15th Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project - Earth Day 2017

Thank you for your support!

Thank you so much for helping to make a difference to this local beach, for cleaning and for your encouragement! 

This cleanup, 200 volunteers took 43 bags non-burnable & 32 bags burnable trash off the beach!!  A grand total of around 135kg!! And our collective efforts will be featured in the upcoming Kanagawa Prefectural Coastal Foundation Report.

As you can see Enoshima Higashihama, the closest beach to Enoshima Island (Tokyo 2020 Olympic sailing location) like Kugenuma Beach,  is a huge area. 

So we are setting a participation goal of 500+ beach cleanup volunteers for Fall Campaign Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project (International Coastal Campaign 2017) this September. 

Please look out for more information as we plan for the September 24th Fall Campaign. Our idea is to include beach and marine activities like a Charity Sail and Beach/Island Run. Your thoughts are always welcome, so please do share.