Organic Farming in Shonan

Organic Project starts on May 31st 2015

SEGO Initiative NPO helps Naoi-san in her dream to get local seasonal organic vegetables in school lunches.

A few years ago, Naoi-san saw the documentary “Nos enfants nous accuseront”- a story about how the community of  Barjac, a village in south of France, decided to grow, use and share only organic vegetables. The documentary looks at the agriculture industry in general and recommends local seasonal vegetables in school cafeterias, and in the family kitchens.

Naoi-san, inspired by the people of Barjac, has started her own network of Organic Farmers in Japan. Their goal is to get organic vegetables on the trays of school lunches.

Here are 2 links to videos of the documentary

Full documentary in French ▶

Preview with English subtitles ▶