Cacao Collective Project

Helping to connect Japanese university students with cocoa industry, as well as small scale cocoa farmers with Japan

SEGO Initiative, Cacao Collective Project

The Cacao Collective Project focuses on Education for Sustainable Development Education and Global Citizenship. With cacao and chocolate as central points, the Project looks at getting cocoa producers, chocolate makers and consumers closer together. The focus is on grassroots exchange and sharing of expertise from seasoned professionals.

With Sustainable Chocolate University seminars, student exchanges and study tour in cocoa producing countries and Japan,
the Project support the conservation efforts of UWI Cocoa Research Centre and raises Japan market awareness of fine flavour cocoa.
We also produce cocoa and chocolate conferences, workshops and presentations.

This Project involves:

• Study Tours to share expertise among cocoa producers and chocolate producers
• Support Programme for young talented pastry chefs to study in France
• Support Programme for Chocolate University seminars and Cocoa Conservation Biodiversity
• Arrange guest speakers for sustainable Chocolate University seminars, workshops and presentations
• Facilitate student exchanges, and volunteer study tours to cocoa producing countries and Japan.
• Support the conservation efforts of UWI Cocoa Research Centre, and raise Japanese market awareness of fine flavoured cocoa.
• Support training for young talented pastry chefs train
• Arrange study tours for cocoa growers and chocolate producers, and organise chocolate conferences.

Project Gives

The chance to:
• Change the lives of farmers, and artisans
• Help university students and researchers with their research
• Learn about fine flavoured cocoa and chocolate
• Make your own farm–to-bar chocolate
• Contribute to cocoa and agricultural biodiversity, and international work on gene banks

Project Needs


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