Move 2020 Project

Helping to balance doing well (healthy lifestyle, sports and outdoors) and doing good fundraising for causes and developing tourism for local community development.

SEGO Initiative, Move 2020 Project

What if every step you take, and every move you make could help someone in need. Someone who can’t move for whatever reason- maybe they’re too ill, in a wheelchair, old...
Move 2020 Project focuses on Outdoor, Health and Wellness and looks at ways in which to raise health awareness,as well as balance health, wellness and exercise among the general population while raising support for those unable to move in our existing environment.
Tied to Tokyo 2020, the goal is for ordinary people to be part of the "movement" for better health and wellness. So participate in the next Move 2020 event, now.

Project Gives

Inspired by the sports and municipal initiatives, this Project gives you the chance to get healthier, to help map touristic routes for outdoor sports activities like walking, running, sailing, or biking, to enjoy friendly competition and to help others.

Project Needs


In Kind Donations