Organic Farming in Shonan Project

Helping small organic farms in Shonan area and supporting organic school lunches for local elementary schools.

SEGO initiative, Organic Farming in Shonan Project

Inspired by Slow Food International and the Edible School Yard Project, Organic Farming in Shonan Project is about helping local organic farmers, understanding the natural food cycle and appreciating the pleasure of good fresh food.

Project Gives

The chance to slow down, appreciate nature and the food that we eat as well as:
• Help kids understand the relationship between food in the plate and nurturing food in the field
• Prepare and eat a real farm to table meal
• Preserve biodiversity,traditional ways of planting and of harvesting
• Spread organic vegetables to local school lunches
• Help local farmers who needs your hands and creative ideas to reach to market
• Support local seasonal foods
• Donations of fresh vegetables to Second Harvest and local Food Banks

Project Needs


In Kind Donations


Save The Date

Ongoing ( starting May 31st)