Corporate Volunteer Projects

SEGO Initiative NPO offers company leaders a chance to engage their people while giving back to the local community. Projects are accessible and easy to understand. They bring much needed concrete support to resource-strained NPOs and communities.

Global Team Building

Understanding the importance of global team-building and the need for a better work life balance, SEGO Initiative projects and programs bring foreigners and Japanese together for family-friendly volunteer activities.

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Corporate Volunteer Projects are excellent team building activities with a meaningful community purpose. There are several corporate volunteer project options at SEGO Initiative. Please take a look at what company leaders say about our projects.

What company leaders say about our projects:

Credit Suisse:
"We do many kinds of volunteer activities. But SEGO Initiative offers a rare chance for families and staff to volunteer together."

Deutsche Bank:
"Easy to do, easy to understand and a definite feel good factor afterwards keep our staff and their families returning to volunteer with SEGO Initiative."

J.P. Morgan:
"Well-organized, professional and easy to work with- we didn’t even need to do any of our own team building activities."

Corporate Volunteer Projects OPTIONS

Corporate Volunteer Projects are for large teams of company volunteers. Options start at projects for 100 volunteers in a calendar year

50 volunteers in Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project, 50 volunteers in Organic Farming
(excludes corporate membership fees)

100 volunteers in Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Projects (Spring and Fall combined), 50 volunteers in Organic Farming Project

100 volunteers in Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Projects (Spring and Fall combined), 100 volunteers in Organic Farming Project

Tailor made project development for up to 300 volunteers in a year

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities
For smaller teams of less than 100 volunteers, then corporate sponsorship opportunities are available: Gold / Silver / Bronze.
More information on Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project Website

We work with you to match your needs and budget with the best possible project and program
Here is a brief description of all our projects and programmes

Organic Farming in Shonan Project


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